La Bonita
(3) Chicken fajita quedadillas, (1) beef fajita taco covered with
chile con queso and (1) chile con queso puff tostada. 9.99


La Española
(1) Chicken empanada covered with sour cream and green
tomatillo sauce.
(1) Mole chicken enchilada. 9.99


El Huracán
(1) Chicken ranchero enchilada and (1) beef fajita taco covered
with chile con queso. 9.99


El Chaparro
(1) Ground beef crispy taco and (1) cheese enchilada. 8.99


El Gringo
2 oz. Beef or chicken fajitas, (1) cheese enchilada and (1) ground
beef crispy taco. 11.99 Beef 12.99


Tres Amigos

(1) Chicken ranchero enchilada, (1) crispy beef taco and (1) chile con
queso enchilada. 9.99


El Danny
Half chicken breast sautéed and covered with poblano sauce,
(3) pieces of beef fajita quesadilla. 11.99


El Rico
Green chicken enchilada, beef and chicken fajita with sautéed
mushrooms. bell peppers, tomatoes, onions and Monterrey Jack
cheese. 12.99















EL Delicoso

4 oz. Fish fillet, (3) jumbo shrimp, beef, sautéed with sauce made with
wine, onions, jalapeños, fresh garlic, tomatoes, cilantro and mushrooms,
and topped with cheese, chicken and pork carnitas.


For Two 44.99


Parrillada Michoacana

Carnitas fritas, beef fajita, with of salsa al molcajete, jalapeño sausage and 2
quials on a bed of grilled onions.
Served with rice, beans, guacamole, pico de gallo and tortillas.


For Two 41.99